Eat healthy and get discounts with your purchases

Program Biopoints, a program designed for you can benefit of discounts and get savings on all your purchases. It is very simple:

  • For purchases over 39€ in the Online Shop or shops EnterBio Madrid will accrue directly BIOPOINTS in your virtual wallet that you will be able to deduct on your next purchase.
  • You'll be able to do the tracking of your BioPoints in the "My account" section of the web.

To recommend has a prize

We'll give you 10€

In EnterBio want to reward your trust and that's why if you recommend a friend and est@ makes an order superior to 30€, we will give away both a coupon discount of $ 10 that you can redeem on your next order (also superior to 30€).

How do I do it?

You just have to access your account on our website (menu top right) and click on the section "Sponsorship Program".